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Which is the best e-scooter in India?

The increasing need to find solutions to the degradation of our environment has led to the increasing prevalence of e-scooter on Indian roads. Indeed, finding a mode of transportation that is eco-friendly is the need of the hour. By adopting e-scooter on a large scale, we cut down on carbon emissions from vehicles that are damaging our atmosphere. It will also give us an alternative source of fuel. We will no longer have to continue to exhaust the world’s already dwindling supply of fossil fuels. With rising petrol prices, switching to electric vehicles isn’t just a civilly conscious but also economically savvy decision. 

As Indians, we always want the best. The best school for our kids, the best service at restaurants, the best deals from online portals, even the best seats at the office. Wanting to purchase the best e- scooter is no exception to this rule. The question then becomes, what is the electric scooter in India? The rising demand for electric alternatives to petrol vehicles has coincided with an increase in the supply of the same. This means that the market now has an abundance of different electric scooter models and brands, and with new models coming out every year we are spoiled as consumers. All of that being said, however, I am going to make a case for the electric scooter that I feel is the one available in the Indian market.

Earth Energy made a relatively recent introduction into the Indian market in 2017. Since then, their new, eco-friendly, powerful, and fully electric vehicles have made a splash in the electric moped industry. Their vehicles are so impressive in fact, that I believe that their scooter The Earth Energy Glyde+ is the best electric scooter available in India. Of course, I’m not going to make a claim that large baseless of any reasoning. So, let’s look at the reasons that the Earth Energy Glyde+ is the best electric scooter in India.

1) It’s fast

Electric scooters have unfairly gained the label of being eco-friendly turtles. Great for the environment but simply don’t have the speed required to hack it on Indian roads. That is an unfair assessment as there are plenty of electric scooters that can more than hold their own with petrol scooters in terms of speed. The Glyde+ is one of these scooters. In fact, it is one of the fastest electric scooters on the market today. This vehicle can reach speeds of 85 km per hour. That is more than equal to and in most cases superior to a lot of the scooters on the market.

2) It gives you great range.

A lot of people hesitate when considering the switch to electric simply because electric scooter charging stations aren’t as readily available as charging stations. That is soon going to change though. The need for and demand for electric scooters increases by the day. There will soon be a grid of charging stations that will be prevalent in all our major cities. Until then, however, it would be necessary to choose an electric scooter that gives you great range. Thanks to Earth Energy’s innovative technology, The Glyde+ can give its riders a range of 100km in ideal driving conditions. This is more than enough to take you wherever you need to go until you get back home where you can recharge your scooter and do it all again the next day.

3) Its not just fast, it charges fast.

We Indians don’t just want the best, we want it now. The Glyde+ is the perfect electric scooter for our inpatient citizenry. It isn’t just a thunderbolt on the roads, but it’s a thunderbolt on the cable too. The Glyde+ takes just 2 hours to fully charge. Yes, just 2 hours, for 100 kilometres of travel. This means that the Gylde+ charges almost an hour faster than all its nearest competitors. This also means that even if you have to leave somewhere urgently you don’t necessarily need to wait the full two hours. Within fifteen minutes to half an hour, you should have enough battery to get to and back from your destination depending on its distance.

4) Great Design

The thing about vehicles is that we don’t just want vehicles that will be great for the job. We want vehicles that look great while doing the job. The Glyde+ is definitely a good-looking set of wheels. It has a sleek design with defined edges and a glossy coat. It is a more modern design and stands out compared to older moped designs. At MyEVStore you can purchase the Gylde+ in a number of different colours. Including, midnight blue, scarlet red, earl grey, forest green, and jet black.

5) Affordable Price

Price is very important in the Indian market. Especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily Earth Energy’s Glyde+ is very reasonably priced. At Rs. 92,000 the Glyde+ is extremely affordable when compared to other electric scooters in the market. Although it may be more expensive than petrol scooters of the same type, the fact that you’ll save so much money on petrol means that it is an investment that will pay off for you in the long run.

If you’re interested in further inspecting, or even buying Earth Energy’s Glyde+, then the best place for you to check everything you need to is on MyEVStore. Here we present our customers with a platform where they can check and compare the features and prices of the top electric scooter brands and subsequently purchase them from our certified affiliate dealers. 

MyEVStore understands the pressing need to switch from petrol to electric and are committed to being at the forefront of this switch by making it easier for our customers to choose the electric scooter that is best suited for them. After all, we do not inherit the earth from our fathers, but we borrow it from our children. 

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